[the baby devours the expression after the eyewinker] _ swallows – of symptom of _ of eyewinker _ children

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The baby is in small when they to any the thing has strong curiosity, accordingly they like to have various things, they think to a thing can be put in the mouth just is can experience specificly, what is this thing, so parents should avoid to buy the toy with small particularly much part to the child as far as possible when buying a toy to the child, what show can there be after the baby swallowed an eyewinker so?

 The baby devours the expression after the eyewinker

The eyewinker inside esophagus: Bigger and thick hard, intense foreign matter sets a narrow office at esophagus more, with esophagus entrance lower part the first narrow point sees at most (additionally two narrow punish are not in esophagus is mid cross a horizontal stroke to lie between place) with esophagus. Eyewinker card is inside esophagus, larger foreign body oppresses not only tracheal jam esophagus causes choke to cough, deglutition is difficult, can cause choking death even. Intense foreign matter pricks broken esophagus possibly still to bring about abscess of local agnail fester, haemorrhage, pneumothorax, mediastinum and esophagus the disease such as tracheal fistula. The life of direct and minatory child is safe. Handle a principle: Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Answer to make X line inspection instantly, affirmatory eyewinker position (if be plastic products to wait pervious to light eyewinker, be clear about for develop, can make deglutition cotton fibrous baric agent pats a) , great majority eyewinker can be taken out with esophagus lens. If the eyewinker already was embedded,already wore broken esophagus, should go the operation is taken out. Be in what this should emphasize is, when the thing got stuck in child esophagus, some parents always want to let the child eat on a few meals again, the purpose goes down eyewinker pharynx. But do not know to fall forciblyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Pharynx, outside pushing acerb foreign body extremely easily extrude esophagus, cause esophagusShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Perforative, cause greater harm and complication.

 The baby devours the expression after the eyewinker

1, the eyewinker is embedded be in suddenly neck paragraph esophagus, expression cries be troubled by difficulty of grow in quantity of disturbed, saliva, deglutition, stalk to pharynx, refus is fed or take food to be spat namely etc. If the eyewinker is oppressive the pharynx and larynx around or tracheal when, can appear convulsion of reflection sex larynx, cough, roar cries, breath is difficult, choke even, hold the position of a kind of cervical extension forward as a result of aching children sometimes, not dare activity.

2, if the eyewinker is embedded,be in suddenly bosom paragraph esophagus, the child is given priority to sorely after meeting occurrence breastboneLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, obstruction symptom and respiratory tract symptom are lighter instead.

 The baby devours the expression after the eyewinker

3, the eyewinker grows too in the retention period inside esophagus, or the immediate loss of intense foreign matter, and produce abscess of esophagitis, esophagus, esophagus the complication such as pleurisy of sex of fistula of organ of infection of perforative, mediastinum, esophagus, fester. Still can appear difficulty of calorific, dehydrate, breath and whole body are toxic symptom.

4, sometimes intense foreign matter (ossicle fragment or piscine spur) but straightShanghai Long Feng forum

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Receive penetrable esophagus wall, wear broken aorta or pericardium, cause enteron massive haemorrhage or pericardium fester, have great and dangerous sex.

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