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Darling is in after be born, the fitness of every darling is different, especially for allergic to loving at ordinary times darling, the parent is in at ordinary times must attentive nurse, especially when giving child choose and buy powdered milk, it is the change that needs special observation darling, some darling are can allergic to milk powder, although allergy does not calculate go up the illness with serious what, but if be serious allergy,be to be able to endanger life security likely.

 The baby eats powdered milk the meeting is allergic

Does the baby eat powdered milk is the meeting allergic?

It is can allergic that the baby eats powdered milk, milk powder allergy, it is a few allergic reaction of the generation after showing darling drank milk, for instance grandma of vomiting, refus, rash.

How does milk powder allergy return a responsibility

Milk powder allergy, after showing darling has drunk recipe powdered milk namely, produced a few allergic reaction, normally allergen is milk protein, semiotic expression is on the skin. Because the digestion of darling returns growth,allergy of darling milk powder is actually immature, the allergy of gastric bowel path that cannot absorb the certain protein in milk to cause reacts.

Classics understanding, the certain protein in milk is like α – S1 casein and β – lacteal globulin is current accepted allergen. Above two kinds of protein react to human body allergy won’t be being caused commonly for the adult, but to just was born the darling of a few monthsA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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For, these protein can cause allergy of gastric bowel path to react however. Because new student darling digests ability to be not worth, the enzymatic system of digestive protein also development is immature, this is caused enter the protein inside body to cannot be decomposed adequately to absorb hematic; in addition, the lack inside the darling body of a few months secretes the new student A of sexual immunity globulin, this is to distributing the protection antibody in surface of alvine mucous membrane, can prevent alvine path bacterium to cause inflammation in mucous membrane surface.

 The baby eats powdered milk the meeting is allergic

Allergen of darling milk powder because besides it is allergic to milk protein outside, still having a possible reason is the allergy with his oneselfShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The constitution is concerned, some likelihoods and familial and genetic characteristic are concerned.

What does symptom of allergy of darling milk powder have? Common symptom has the following side commonly:

1, skin respect: Can children answers especially sexual dermatitis or palpebral ministry oedema, much meets Zhou Huo of eczema, lip occurrence urticaria.

2, breathing respect: Can appear breath, frequent cough sheds tears, rhinitis to wait.

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3, respect of gastric bowel path: The symptom such as blood of the belt in can having refus grandma, vomiting, diarrhoea, bellyacke, abdominal distension, excrement and urine appears, the milk allergy of little part also can cause darling constipation.

Additional, milk powder allergy can divide darling to react for fast hairstyle and allergy of late hair style. Fast hairstyle allergy is to point to inLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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After taking food to contain the milk powder of allergic source allergic reaction appears inside 2 hours, the symptom is general heavier, serious can endanger life; and allergy of late hair style is to happen after taking food to contain the milk powder of allergic source several hours to perhaps count a Queen of heaven, the symptom is opposite lighter.

To the darling of milk powder allergy, easy still meeting causes alternate sex allergy to react, be opposite namely fur of ovine grandma, animal, flesh, legume and egg kind likely also and allergic.

How does milk powder allergy do

1, hold to mother milk feed. The best method that prevents milk powder allergy is to have mother milk raise, and had better arrive one year old continuously even a year old of above, normally milk of the mother below the circumstance is to won’t produce allergic phenomenon.

 The baby eats powdered milk the meeting is allergic

2, be far from allergic source food. Limitative milk, egg, fish, earthnut and firm fruit contain send quick the food intake of factor. To high risk group baby, ability begins edible solid food after 6 months, ability begins edible cream products after a year old, ability begins to eat an egg after two years old, edible earthnut, walnut just begins after 3 years old, and fish.

3, change milk powder. Allergic to common recipe milk powder, should give baby in time moreLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Change prevent allergic milk powder. Be like the person that it is milk protein allergy via confirming, can use ” fight allergic recipe ” or ” recipe of soya bean albumen ” improve touchy issue. Have height is familial the allergic high risk of allergy history group darling, can by is complete mother milk feed, or ” fight allergic recipe ” and fall the rate of hair opportunity of survival that resists allergy. Use additionally ” partial hydrolyze recipe ” , have similar effect possibly also.

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