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Each puerperas are giving birth to darling the following galactic notShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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With, after just giving birth to darling galactic and very few, cannot satisfy the requirement of darling, some puerperas are in postpartum very long lactescence is rarer, what bring about darling very easily is hidebound. Best method passes the food of the mother’s body to adjust namely, the nurture that eats a few high protein appropriately is qualitative, and pay attention to the reasonable collocation on food, slowly get with respect to can nice change thick stiff.

Mother milk is rarer how to do

Milk rare how to do

Because the milk nutriment content of every mammy can be distinguished somewhat, rare case is compared for long to fall in occurrence milk, want to affirm what whether cause by disease element first, if diagnose disease is best,after make a diagnosis and give treatment the opinion that joins a doctor undertakes lactation. If by the word with the rare milk that mood element causes, the mammy growth for oneself health and darling development, can want to had done oneself adjustment. To usually milk is rare, want to do good food to adjust only, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Can change greatly:

1, in lactation period, mammy is OK and reasonable the supply amount that increases all sorts of nutriment, especially high grade protein, calcic, zinc, iron, iodine is mixed vitamin of B a group of things with common features, want to notice the appropriate scale between each nutriment at the same time, the heat addition that is like protein, adipose, carbohydrate compares part of one’s job to not be 13%-15% , 27% , 58%-60% .

Mother milk is rarer how to do

Among them, protein intake is controlled everyday control in 80g, can from hoof of lean lean, egg, pig, breast kind in reaching dairy produce, absorb. Adipose control is controlled in 166g, can from soybean oil, walnut oil, flesh kind in waiting for food, get. Carbohydrate control is controlled in 350g, can get from inside the food such as rice, yam, potato, yam, legume, grape, peach.

2, notice calcium and vitamin D absorb. If calcium is short of inside mammy body, in milk rareLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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below the circumstance, the body to assure the calcium in milk of content constant, can absorb in the bone calcium from mammy itself, can cause leg of mammy osteomalacia, osteoporosis, waist to wait sorely. Accordingly, in daily life, mammy can drink calcium to be compared character more tallFall in love with the sea

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Shang Shui, much bask.

3, compensatory water-solubility cellulose. Many mammy lack the water-solubility cellulose such as vitamin B1, B2, C in food, changed the nutrient class status in milk, because this mammy is prandial medium should notice reasonable complement. Among them, common water-solubilityShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Cellulose food basically has barley, legume, carrot, orange to wait.

4, to Chinese mammy milk investigation shows one, the content that divide calcium is low, zinc and adipose content, DHA content slant little, should right amount increase fish of edible oil, nut, butter, tallow fat, sea to wait, development of stimulative baby head reachs retinal formation, enhance immune power.

5, do not want partiality for a particular kind of food as far as possible. Especially to maigre mammy, the nutriment inside body is not quite comprehensive, influenceForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The synthesis of milk reachs nutrient part. So mammy wants those who notice integrated nutrition to absorb between lactation, should remember oneself a many people are eating, more for darling.

Mother milk is rarer how to do

6, before milking. A few mammy because before the grandma is more, so darling always does not drink nutrient composition to compare tall grandma. Can milk first at this moment, make sure darling can drink enough milk. But also want to notice, the grandma contains higher moisture content before, when feed is being suckled before place, darling does not need additional drink water, do not suggest to be squeezed commonly so, can increase darling suck time.

7, mammy should let darling eat when lactation enough. Time limitation does not change a breast often perhaps, the grandma after mixing is suckled before such ability let darling eat balancedly, assure comprehensive nutrition.

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