[the blood-vessel inside skull is unbalanced] – of what reason of _ of _ head ministry

Article introduction

The blood-vessel inside skull is unbalanced what reason causes this kind of symptom believes a lot of people do not know, also do not know this kind of circumstance is met previously your what disease, so everybody should want to increase his experience. When the examination the result shows the blood-vessel inside skull is unbalanced, possible meeting brings about cerebral ministry development to alleviate and cerebral ministry is anoxic death, and the cure of this kind of circumstance is more difficult, need undertakes cerebral operation is treated.

The blood-vessel inside skull is unbalanced

Cerebral blood-vessel misshapes is cerebral blood-vessel development of sex of tumour of congenital, blame is unusual. It is obstacle of development of blood-vessel pointing to a head and the head that cause is local and hemal amount and structure are unusual, produce an effect to normal head blood stream. Its burst haemorrhage basically behaves the internal haemorrhage that it is a head or haematoma. Its see more at the youth, come on the age is average 20 ~ is 40 years old.

The blood-vessel inside skull is unbalanced

The pathogeny

1. activity arteries and veins misshapes

Divide the person that it is a model and deformation of Galen vena cava again two kinds: Because occupy,clinical symptom is divided and oppressive beyond, pilfer blood also is main reason. Hemal cacophony is apparent inside skull. Infantile period can appear hydrocephalus. Rate of die in one’s bed is very high, make an appointment with 50% death. Haemal billabong amount is not large person, the heart declines lighter, can have iteration one hemiplegy crossing a gender. Cure is difficult, can undertake in installment operation.

The bursa inside 2. congenital skull sexual aneurism

In children scarcer. The artery inside the neck that basically happens at skull bottom is divided, before, hind traffic artery is in, or vertebra base is arterial. Arterial and local bounce layer and flesh layer slacken, and outstanding for tumour, it is commonly under 1cm.

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. Vein hemangioma

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Cerebral hemisphere, see more at old. Millimeter of video and visible L reachs nerve the blood-vessel of several centimeters of diameters is unbalanced, about 15% have calcification.

4. fungous hemangioma

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Canal. Children period often does not have a symptom and be discovered accidentally. Arrive commonly old or into talent occurrence symptom, basically be epileptic, have a headache, cerebral internal haemorrhage. Case of illness of common and familial sex, for dominance heredity. Likeness of this ill visible also retina, liver, kidney, cutaneous is fungous hemangioma.

The blood-vessel inside skull is unbalanced

Clinical expression

1. beating sex has a headache

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Be located in ill side, can accompany cacophony of the blood-vessel inside skull.

2. haemorrhage

Often head hair symptom, expression is the haematoma inside arachnoid haemorrhage finishing speech or head.

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. Epilepsy

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Fit has fixed position sense.

4. accompanies a symptom

The pathological changes on act person but invigorative unusual, hemiplegia, break language, break read, injudicious etc. The person that act falls sees swimmy, diplopia, eye quivers more reach gait is flabby etc.

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