Bloody and violent ESRB classifications constituent general ” control ” it is surely ” 17+ “

Committee of recreational software grade (ESRB) announced the much platform game that is about to roll out ” control ” description. Game of venture of motion of fire of this the 3rd person is returned to be as a result of content include bloody, intense language and force, obtained finally ” Mature ” (mature level, be restricted 17 years old above player) classification. Complete ESRB summary is as follows: This is game of venture of a motion, in game the player acts heroine to use drive ability and had take-overed mana antagonism of the government. Game adopts perspective of the 3rd person, the player can pass through building corridor, use handgun shoots and kill hostile biology and controlled guard / secret service. The player still can use interior surprise can (for example interior remote sensing) suspension wait for prop to enemy cast furniture. The enemy is shot to kill from time to tome 4 splashed setting behave blood; The body that a few groups of camera lens depicted condole to go up in cord and below the pool of blood that keep. The coarse vocabulary such as F**k and Sh*t can be heard in game. ” control ” by ” quanta is broken ” , ” interior killer ” and ” the hero manages originally ” the development of RemedyEntertainment of the company that make of series, issue business to be 505 Games. Game will land PS4/Xbox One/PC platform on August 27, 2019.

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