Ignore physical law! ” APEX hero ” the weapon conceals ammo attribute


y, foreign somebody discovers ” APEX hero ” firearms ammo has special proper上海千花网交友

ty. In real world, bullet can get when flying in sky wind resistance. And ” APEX hero ” the bullet that a lot of weapons fire also included this kind of result actually, but energy ammo appears a little special. When the player is using this kind of ammuni上海千花社区

tion, the physical law that can discover real world is far from effective. ” APEX hero ” weaponry architect Sean Slayback expresses on Twitter: Firearms lets as far as possible ballistic all the time before us the result is more actual, but actually if can add element of a few science fiction pretty good also. Energy ammo differs somewhat with other ammo really, they encounter the situation of obstruction without common bul上海千花网龙凤论坛

let, because this energy bullet can hit a target quickly. The player of familiar fi上海千花网交友

re game should be met understand ballistic effect to be in ” APEX hero ” medium importance, players can use this one character to have game上海千花网交友


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