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The cost is very high, and belong to emperor reducing weight to taste, every person that reduce weight can choose cucumber, eat a cucumber to add a tomato in the evening everyday, not only nutrient content is very low, and still won’t grow adipose, the mainest is to be able to add very good full abdomen touch, nevertheless everybody needs to notice, small cucumber besides have the effect that reduce weight beyond, still have very good officinal value, this is the problem that deserves attention.

What part is contained inside cucumber

Main value


1, treat children to heat up dysentery: Gherkin feeds more than 10 with honey, (” maritime name just ” ) .

2, ill abdomen of prevent floods by water control bilges to limb swollen: Cucumber, defeat two not to go out child, boil a half with vinegar, water boils a half, all is sodden, take suddenly hollowly, enter the water instantly. (” marrow of a thousand pieces of gold just ” )

3, treat guttural gall: Old cucumber, go child, enter saltpetre cram, dry in the shade is not. Every blow with a few. (” cure Lin Ji wants ” )

4, treat drop dozen of sore is swollen: In will taking cucumber to join porcelain bottle in June, of leach. Every are swept with water go up at sore. (” cure Lin Ji wants ” )

5, treat pinkeye bare painful: Took old cucumber in May, alveolus leaves on, go flesh, make into mirabilite full, hang back office, wait for saltpetre to go out fully blow below, stationary point eye. (” birthday region god just ” )

6, of the burn that treat boiling water: Clutch cucumber joined bottle in May inside, seal, hang brim, take water to brush, fine. (” cure just summary ” )

What part is contained inside cucumber
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Nutrient value

” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in account, cucumber has the effect of water of clear heat, satisfy one’s thirst, benefit, detumescence. Cucumber flesh is qualitative fragile tender, pleasant of juice much flavour, unripe feed promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid satisfy one’s thirst, and have special scent. According to the analysis, cucumber contains moisture content for 98% , contain a lot ofE of C of protein, saccharide, vitamin B2, vitamin, vitamin, carotene, Nick the nutrition such as acerbity, calcic, phosphor, iron composition.

Dietotherapy value

The fructification of cucumber of the cucurbitaceous herb that involve aid. Call cucumber, thorn melon again. Chinese each district all has help advance somebody’s career. Xia Mo andA pulls love ShanghaiForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Autumn is adopted. Abluent delicacy is used.

Flavour pleasant, the gender is cool. Can clear heat stops thirsty, benefit water detumescence, clear fire is alexipharmic.

Referenced: Contain carbohydrate (candy of dextrose, manna) , glucoside kind (glucoside of rue glucoside, skin of different Mongolian oak) , a variety of coffee acid, green former acid, amino acid, vitamin (B2, C) , naphtha (acrid composition) , the composition such as calabash element A, B, C, D.

What part is contained inside cucumber

Calabash element C has in animal experiment fight tumor action, noxiousness is inferior.

Utility: Use at pyretic irritated heat, thirsty; Oedema, pee is adverse; Have diarrhoea of damp and hotNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Usage: Unripe feed, or boil feed.

Attention: Taste empty is cold person unfavorable. ” a book on Chinese medicine austral another name for Yunnan Province ” say: “Move cold phlegmy, the stomach is cold person feed, bellyacke vomiting and diarrhoea. “Mother of children of a year old of less than feeds cucumber not easily more, because can be passed galactic enter the likelihood inside children form to bring about diarrhoea, children1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Itself taste is frail, so the mother cannot be fed more.

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