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Summer weather is torridder, the voice that often can cause a person becomes drier1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Dry, can make voice feels uncomfortable, especially more such to a few professions, preach division, announcer is waited a moment for instance, be about to notice to protect throat at that time, avoid cracked, can drink tea of a bit chrysanthemum at that time, chrysanthemum tea has very good Qing Dynasty to heat up the action of alexipharmic embellish lung, in alleviate larynx is painful effect of dry urticant side is very good also.

What does protective throat drink

What does protective throat drink

1, the commonnest is chrysanthemum tea, a lot of people can take mother chrysanthemum to come bubble water is drunk, guttural and unwell mouth does the sentence of glossal dry, tea of the chrysanthemum that drink a dot is pretty good, still have bright end result, effect of the medlar that increase a point will be better.

What does protective throat drink

2, the word of mint tea, if pharynx and larynx is painful, OK and right amount drink a few, it has profit to cold sore throat, fall igneous effect is more apparent. Oral cavity get angry, throat is uncomfortable, can drink bit of mint tea, hear of the effect that still has diminish inflammation. But mint tea is drunk not easily also more.

3, drink of golden voice herb, protect throat to amount to a person necessary, contain a variety of herb protecting throat such as fruit of handpick mother chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, lily, arhat, hawk embellish lung, protect throat easily.

4, snow pear soup, if feel too drab and OK to use tremella, lily, medlar, a move that boil is drunk, so voice drinks what this meeting feels more delicate deeply. The flavour with photograph other comparing more assist!

5, water of bubble of the seed of boat-fruited sterculia drinks particular to protecting throat to have also function, be opposite especially guttural, dry to voice hair hair is painful have very good effect.

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Throat is uncomfortable eat what fruit

1, pear

In all fruits, pear is the most effective to guttural cure. Pear not only can have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty and still can embellish lung relieves a cough. Pear contains a lot ofmoisture and vitamin C, it is to get used to the beautiful fruit with autumnal dry climate. Pear affects hoarse of occurrence pharynx doing, sound, phlegmy stiff effect having fine to the upper respiratory tract.

What does protective throat drink

2, sugar cane

Pleasant of flavour of sugar cane sugar cane, smooth, avirulent. Advocate next gas and in, aid disposition, benefit large intestine, disappear is phlegmy stop thirsty, divide heat of of breadth of mind, alexipharmic. , sugar cane can have diarrhoea is fervent, solution heat stops thirsty, in mixing wide midriff, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid moisten the respiratory tract, aid lienal be good at stomach, diuresis, alimentary wait for effect. Usable Wu Kou works a tongueLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Dry, body fluid is insufficient, pee is adverse, defecate constipate, queasy vomiting, dyspeptic, have a fever thirsty. Pleasant of sex of unripe drink of sugar cane juice is cold, ferry of appropriate and pyretic injury, heart is thirsty, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Heat up uric bare personally, lobar dry coughs, and unripe cane juice of hot venereal water is best, yu Wei [] of soup of inherent Man . Sore throat patient is unripe feed with cooked food but. Juice of cooked food sugar cane rises to sore throat patient benefiting action.

3, cherry

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Loquat whole body all can be used as medicine, and fructification can remove embellish lung diuresis, clear heat be good at lienal, have the meritorious service of good conserve to liver. Contain a lot ofvitamin C, can defy bad blood factor. Loquat can relieve a cough, embellish lung, diuresis, be good at stomach, clear heat, rise to patient of chronic sore throat moist action.

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