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If want oneself to make cake in the home, do not have oven to be able to adopt electric rice cooker again, because our electric pot for cooking rice also has oven function, just want to control good temperature and moisture content, when the rice cooker that use phone makes cake, can put the cake juice that has made report directly it is OK that phone is plugged inside rice cooker, but there also are a few notes when moving cake fluid, so how does electric rice cooker make cake delicious?

 Report puts bowl how to make cake

Feed capable person: A 6 100g flour, eggs, milk, right amount oil, right amount candy, right amount apple


1) prepares an egg, egg egg white is detached. Milk. Candy, flour

2) puts trifling white sugar inside yoke. Agitate even

3) agitate puts milk inside good yoke, agitate even

4) is divided second it is into right amount flour in vitelline basin, agitate into a bit a few stiffer panada

5) agitate good panada

6) egg essence is putLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Right mix

The egg white with 7) good agitate submits butyric form. The word that uses a chopstick probably 15 minutes

The egg white with good agitate 8) is divided second enter yoke in. , agitate even

 Report puts bowl how to make cake

9) agitate good panada

10) general apple is mincing, fall into panada, agitate even

11) report wipes oil on meal Bao. Avoid cake to be stuck on boiler. Good agitate panada falls into boiler. Vibrate a few times. Give bleb shake.

12) is pressed cook key, wait for jump to heat preservation be good at press again after 20 minutes cook key. When after jumping to heat preservation to bolt 20 minutes again can.

Tendril jumps over Bao of berry report meal cake

Feed capable person: 3 a 150g flour, right amount white sugar, milk, right amount olive oil, eggs


1) undertakes the egg departing above all (should assure to there is yoke, water absolutely inside egg white oily perhaps)

2) takes yoke part, add milk, white sugar and olive oil respectively (do not have specific the quantity that goes measuring white sugar to follow olive oil, white sugar of about one spoon and 3 spoon oil, can like according to the individual add

3) joins 150 grams flour (issue flour to be able to make flour more bit finer too with bolt)

4) has yoke liquid mix (if feel stiffer sentence can be added again appropriately,nod milk, the liquid condition that makes sure the yoke fluid with good finally agitate is flow

After 5) yoke part has been done, put in reserve aside, it is the most important albumen part next, my secret weapon is eggbeater ha

6) makes protein to piscine bubble account with low speed is join one spoon white sugar

 Report puts bowl how to make cake

7) continues to be hit to albumen to become with low speed petty spumescent when rejoin one spoon white sugar

8) continues to dismiss albumen appears to albumen grain when join one spoon white sugar

10) divides albumen next second in joining yoke, undertake and divide evenly, use what drawknife undertakes fluctuating to cut, cannot turn circle (the tutorial on the net says to cannot turn all the time circle, say to meet transfer bleb

Warm-up of Bao of 11) report meal is joined after 5 minutes a few butter

The raw material with good agitate 12) enters electric meal Bao inside, buckle twice gently, it is to prevent to have bubble.

13) is scattered in the surface next on the Yue Mei that nod tendril

Bao of 14) report meal opens cooking key, pin with wet dishcloth give air hole

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) after waiting to jump automatically to heat preservation again stew 15 minutes, my dear cake gives heat

Electric rice cooker makes cake

Feed capable person: Flour of 300g low muscle, 4New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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White sugar of 1 packet of egg, milk, 3 big spoon


1) parts the egg white of 4 eggs and yoke the; in two basins is in yoke join right amount white sugar according to his taste, I added 3 spoon, white sugar and yoke agitate equably

2) adds a packet of milk, again agitate even

3) adds flour in past yoke fluid slowly, add less some, cent second join, avoidLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Flour adds became much bad to did. Till mix stiffer mixed liquor can

It is OK that a bit white sugar is joined to use eggbeater to dismiss to eggbeater in 4) albumen erect go up not to fall in albumen

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The albumen that dismisses the half is put into yoke fluid, turn over mixed means to mix with the left and right sides even, the attention does not want agitate, bubble of lest albumen disappear brings about cake hair not to rise.

6) will mix even liquid to fall into the albumen that other in part dismisses again, still turn over mixed means to mix with the left and right sides equably

7) wipes the pot inside electric rice cooker on a bit oil, the compound that has made falls into electric rice cooker, inside boiler exerts oneself to do sth. a little shake two, shake breaks liquid interior may put the bleb that be in, press next cook key can. Key after jumping to heat preservation, stew 20 minutes, press again cook key, key again after start, stew 10 minutes, cake is good.

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