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Article introduction

Lotus root is the food that a lot of people like to eat, also be healthy to human body, having the food of particular stimulative function. Of lotus root eat a law to have a lot of, be in a lot of areas, can wrap dumpling with lotus root. And the dumpling that lotus root wraps, not only local color is distinctive, and nutrition is rich also, but those who want to wrap its is delicious, need masters regular method. Below, introduce how to make dumpling with lotus root for everybody.

Lotus root includes dumpling practice

One, method one

1, pork is abluent chop becomes meat stuffing, join condiment tone follows intoShanghai noble baby

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Stuffing makings. This meat stuffingShanghai night net

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Do with tenderloin flesh, do not have other flesh, with respect to remnant a tenderloin, do stuffing to have bit of luxury to me with tenderloin. Detailed of the method that move stuffing sees detailed solves delicious manual dumpling.

2, flay of lotus lotus root is abluent, with brush blackboard eraser to become fine1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Silk. Ah, I this method is the simplest and practical, if use knife cut, that can expend kongfu, returning meeting chop must be everywhere.

3, in be being put into meat stuffing.

4, mix divide evenly, dumpling stuffing with respect to success.

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5, the agent below the side with good Tang child. It is to follow a face to move stuffing again first usually, the process that moves stuffing also is the process that dough Tang sends, such stuffing expect mix up can start wrap.

6, press flat.

7, roll of rod of the face that use roll becomes dumpling skin.

8, wrap good dumpling.

9, next boiler are thoroughlied cook can.

Lotus root includes dumpling practice

2, method 2

1, right amount cold water is added in flour, bit by bit add, hit flour into the garrulous that snowflake installs with the hand;

2, knead flour garrulous garrulous posse next;

3, lid wet cloth wakes after on half hour, knead smooth.

Lotus root includes dumpling practice

3, method 3

Flay of 1. lotus lotus root cuts small, next chop is become year old end

2. is the important condiment that moves dumpling stuffing this bowl: Green ginger end, gallinaceous essence, salt, dumpling condiment (the supermarket has sell of bag, content is the pink of the wear such as arenaceous Ren Xiangxie of finished product of cardamom seed of beans of anise Chinese prickly ash probably. . . . . . Be similar to 13 sweet a kind condiment)

3. this is the recipe adding delicacy with packet of necessary dumpling, not be every the home uses oh, you can try, bright really have. ——-Dry dried shrimps one, hit into with arrange machine1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Mash, immerse with a few water next. (OK without arrange machine first bubble is soft next dolly also but. )

4. this is the secret weapon with necessary dumpling of home of another appearance lens: Rock candy often is smoked, can add delicacy, replace additionally often smoke come mix colors, color is light appropriate.

There is piece of photograph to was not patted here, the Chinese cabbage stuffing that handles namely child. Cut Chinese cabbage first filament next salt 15 minutes, push the water share in dry Chinese cabbage with the hand, cut end next. Cut the lotus lotus root of good Chinese cabbage and chop, and the pig meat stuffing that has cut, with above 2, 3, those condiment that say in 4 measure mix divide evenly.

6. adds right amount edible oil, the dumpling that such good boiling will be oilier embellish. Drip again a few balm, mix divide evenly, dumpling stuffing is ready.

7. knead dough this not dilatancy, the face that those who want an attention is packet of dumpling must soft, taste mouthfeel just has been met.

8. adds stuffing, wrap dumpling

9. wraps good dumpling, in the water that unloaded to add one spoon salt to be boiled (put salt to prevent stick a skin) , every boiling adds a bowl of cold water, boil 3 times so, dumpling is squashy.


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