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Chapter introduction

Prawn is a kind of food that grows in water, and in its shrimp meat meat in everybody qualitative fresh and tender Q is played taste have very chew interest and mouthfeel, so prawn got of many people like. But many people are handling the metropolis in the process of the edifice to discover, there is a black line to exist on most prawn back, and the shrimp line that this black line is prawn actually. But be in the process of edible prawn, is the black line on their back OK edible?

Does prawn carry the black line on on the back to be able to eat

Shrimp feeds capable person as a kind of common unripe delicacy, the frequency that appears in people life special tall, its cooking means is varied also.

Nevertheless, although they are very delicate, but when eating every time, see shrimp back that one black filament, always can cannot help beginning think: This plaything, be what after all?

Actually ah, the truth is: Shrimp line is the alvine path of shrimp.

A lot of friends had had this kind of doubt, shrimp line is dirty, ate to you can be opposite is human body harmful?

Although probable, because of us ” regardless of trival matters ” (it is lazy actually… ) although the circumstance of inner perturbed falls,we can be in, swallow shrimp in abdomen without line of take out shrimp. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Shrimp line presents young black commonly, as the intestines of shrimp, and basically the function of all intestines is same, go up from theory consequently for, have little really dirty, still had better eat its take out again.

If had eaten before,cross a lot of shrimp nevertheless (line) , also need not worry. To ripe shrimp, the bacterium inside body can be exterminated by high temperature, eat go down to also won’t have what disadvantage, just may shadow of in a wayLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Noisy flavour.

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Does prawn carry the black line on on the back to be able to eat

So shrimp line uses what method take outForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The most convenient? Small 9 here has 3 bright and beautiful bag, there is to go in every bright and beautiful bursa the coup of shrimp line!

Bright and beautiful bursa 1: Toothpick

With toothpick section and the first penult cross the reciprocal from shrimp body among the section, choose shrimp route up next can. After be being carried, hold the thrum that disconnects inside shrimp body again, take out thoroughly next come with respect to OK.

How, be very simple?

Bright and beautiful bursa 2: Pare alive

This method seems to sound a bit fearsome… do not be afraid of, it is the name has bit of horror only just.

In fact, compared with thoroughlied cook shrimp pare again shrimp line, when shrimp is living still purify actually more Easy. So called ” pare alive ” , it is to show clutch lives the neck of shrimp (reckon of him correspondence human body the position of shrimp neck… ) , pull head and shrimp string together again next.

This method can keep clear of thoroughly inside the shortest time the black line of shrimp back, it is a kind of method with highest efficiency.

Does prawn carry the black line on on the back to be able to eat

Bright and beautiful bursa 3: Scissors

Generally speaking, can see in shrimp head place have raised thorn. The place that needs to be being pricked with scissors only cuts a hole, the plane that catchs reoccupy scissors comes to winkle of whole shrimp head, buy shrimp line with respect to can whole. This kind of method can go easily not only shrimp line, what still maintained whole shrimp well is complete.

When using this method nevertheless must special attention, a shrimp head break does not want when be being carried with scissors, otherwise ifLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Shrimp line went not to come.

Had small the instructions for dealing with an emergency of 9, eat shrimp to also need not be anxious for shrimp line again later!

Actually, most the aquatic product such as influence shrimp crab kind the biggest reason of the mouthfeel that feed capable person, not be shrimp line such detail problem, however its are fresh degree. Feed capable person to new aquatic product, do not need overmuch treatment, it is simple only steam white perhaps bright to be able to reflect their most delicious taste.

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